Had enough of nests at your eaves ... and all the mess? 
A proven bird deterrent since 2011! 
NestStop is a completely humane product 
that will stop birds building a nest at your eaves. 
Explore this website to see how it works including 
a video showing NestStop in action. 
Proven to Work Since 2011 
Patent Pending No. 1101840.5 

How to Stop Birds Nesting 

Swallows and House Martins building their nest at the eaves of a dwelling can be a big problem.  Whilst these little birds are nice to look at, the mess immediately below a nest can be very unsightly and requires constant cleaning from spring to the autumn.  The eaves point is often above a door or, perhaps you park your car in the flight path to a nest. The wall below a nest is often an unsightly mess and very difficult to clean.  Use Neststop to deter birds from nesting under your eaves, easy to fit no maintenance required.  

The solution =  

Stop Swallows & House Martins Nesting 

How it Works - NestStop™ instantly creates a smooth surface on the wall which birds can't get a grip on or get mud to stick to. 

Tools Free - Fits in Minutes - Lasts for Years 
The picture of the nest here shows the most common nesting site and NestStop™ has been designed to stop nesting taking place at this location.(common location image) 
This simple device can be fitted in a few minutes and will solve the problem for years to come. It's clever design ensures it can fit the vast majority of eaves. 
Buy now with confidence - No hoping it will work. NestStop is now well proven to work with hundreds of referral sales. 
New lower prices and no VAT charged 


Neststop Fitted
NestStop Guarantee 
We guarantee that birds will not build a nest on a NestStop. If you want a humane way to stop birds building nests at the eaves of your house, NestStop is the answer. 
A Local product made in the UK 
NestStop patent
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